Lovely modern 2 bedroom apartment, centrally located with balcony and stunning sea views in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight

Terms & Conditions


1. DEPOSIT - A deposit of (50.00) fifty pounds sterling per week unit is payable at the time of booking. Should the accommodation required not be available, the deposit will be refunded in full. Once a booking has been made and our deposit receipt issued, the deposit will not be refunded should you subsequently cancel or fail to comply with condition 2.

2. The balance of monies due must be received by Ventnor Apartments AT LEAST 28 DAYS BEFORE THE DATE ON WHICH THE HOLIDAY IS DUE TO START. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the loss of your deposit, cancellation of your accommodation and the application of cancellation charges as detailed in condition 3.

3. Cancellations etc.- Notice of Cancellation must be sent by registered letter direct to Ventnor Apartments.
(a) Cancellation for compassionate reasons:- If you are forced to cancel your holiday because of death, illness or maternity of any members of your party, or because of your own redundancy (qualifying for statutory redundancy payment) or because of the death, serious injury or serious illness of a close relative (husband, wife, father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother, sister, child or dependant) of the person whose name the booking is made and this can be substantiated, then your deposit will be forfeited, but you will no longer be liable for any balance of hire monies, and such monies paid will be refunded. Please forward medical certificate, redundancy notice, etc. at the time of cancellation. The decision of the Management on all claims is final.
(b) Cancellation for other reasons:- Your deposit will be forfeited. We will attempt to re-let the accommodation but you will remain liable for the full Balance of Hires less any Hire Monies received on a re-letting up to the following maximum amounts:
Written Notice of Cancellation Received Maximum Liability on Cancellation
More than 35 days before the start date of holiday 25% of Balance of Hire
29 to 35 days before the start date of holiday 50% of Balance of Hire.
(c) Cancellation following non-arrivals:- If by 8.00 am on the day immediately following the day on which your holiday is due to start you have not occupied your accommodation and you have not notified us that you will be arriving after this time you will be deemed to have cancelled your booking. In this event, your deposit will be forfeited and you will be liable for any shortfall between the Balance o Hire in respect of your booking and any Hire Monies received by us if we are able to re-let the accommodation.
N.B. For your protection we have arranged an insurance scheme whereby under certain circumstances you can insure against the risk of cancellation and curtailment.

4. Ventnor Apartments reserve the right to refuse any booking application or to refuse or terminate accommodation at their absolute discretion.

5. Ventnor Apartments shall not be liable in the event that accommodation or advertised facilities or amenities shall not be available due to circumstances beyond their control.

6. You will be held responsible for the loss or breakage of any fittings, utensils, crockery or cutlery. Please report and loss or breakage to the management.

7. It may be necessary at the beginning or end of the season to amend or withdraw certain facilities according to demand. Accordingly, Ventnor Apartments reserves the right to alter or withdraw amenities, facilities, or any part of the programme of activities either advertised or previously available without prior notice.

8. All matters contained under the heading of General Information are deemed to be included as part of these Condition of Booking.

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  • Ventnor Apartment Outside
  • Lounge
  • Lounge
  • View from the Ventnor Apartment
  • Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Kitchen Table
  • Bedroom
Things to do:

Blackgang Chine
Blackgang Chine
Overlooking the spectacular South West ‘Heritage Coast’ of the Isle of Wight, Blackgang Chine is an eccentric mix of exciting rides, goblins and fairies, dinosaurs, nursery rhyme characters, cowboys and Indians all set within rambling Victorian gardens and designed to appeal to the child in us all !

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